Courses Taught

  • 2022/3 UvA: “Critical Histories”, BA LCA, core course on Literary and Cultural Theory before 1900. Teaching and complete re-design with Alessandra Benedicty.
  • 2022/3 UvA: “Art, Science, Technology”, BA LCA. Teaching. Course design by Tim Yaczo.
  • 2021/2 AUC: “Global Identity Experience”, liberal arts Bachelor, teaching. Course design by Lara Mazurski.
  • 2021/2 UvA: “Key Concepts: Porn, Virus, Author, Trans”, BA LCA. Teaching and design with Diego Semerene.
  • 2021/2 UvA: “Theories of Justice”, MA Philosophy, teaching and design with Gerrit Schaafsma MA.
  • 2021/2 UvA: “Feminism and Philosophy”, BA Philosophy. Teaching, complete design, and course coordination.
  • 2021/2 UvA: “Art, Science, and Technology”, BA LCA. Teaching. Course design by Tim Yaczo.
  • 2018 University of Bochum: “Conspiracy theories — introduction to theory and practice of critical thinking” [“Verschwörungstheorien — Einführung in die Theorie und Praxis kritischen Denkens”], Department of Philosophy, BA introduction to philosophy of science. Teaching and design with Laura Martena MA (Uni Köln),
  • 2016 University of Münster: “Interpretations of Sex in Philosophy & Cultural Studies” [“”Natürlich, wild, frei’: Zentrale Interpretationen von sex in Philosophie und Cultural Studies”], Department for Political Science, BA general studies. Teaching and design, supervised by Dr. Matthias Freise.
  • 2016 University of Münster: “Scientific Facts or Artefacts of Science? Scientific Realism Contested” [“Wissenschaftliche Fakten oder Artefakte der Wissenschaft? Wissenschaftlicher Realismus und seine Herausforderungen”], Center for Philosophy of Science, BA general studies. Teaching and design.

Further Teaching Experience

  • 2020 & 2021: Workshops on conceptions of gender (with dr. Katrine Smiet, at Nederlandse Organisatie voor Gender Studies).
  • 2021 UvA, Teaching Assistant, pan-humanities Master elective course “Art & Activism”, taught by dr. Sruti Bala & dr. Elize Mazadiego.
  • 2019 & 2020 Guest lectures on Judith Butler and Hannah Arendt (ReMA Philosophy at UvA; and BA program at Ciee)
  • 2019  UvA, “Sexual violence and hegemonic masculinity: An analysis of Connell’s concept of ‘hegemonic masculinity'” [“Seksueel geweld en hegemonische mannelijkheid: Een analyse aan de hand van het begrip ‘hegemonische mannelijkheid’ van Connell”], Bachelor Philosophy thesis supervision (with dr. Karen Vintges).